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Keep the tear stains away with just a sprinkle a day!

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I Absolutely Love This Product!!
This Product works great. I breed cats Persians/Himalayans and has definitely decreased eye drainage and crusty build up. i also have a small dog and it works BETTER
By: Jane Lee

Happy Eyes!
Excellent product that does what it says! Saw results within a week. Even cleared up Daphne's yeast reddened paws & toenails! Added benefit of not having wheat or corn as ingredients... low allergenic (does have beef). Will continue feeding the product.
Jodie Rolmel

Suzanne & Peppermint
Peppermint's head photo shows her tear staining, which was actually worse than this photo. Peppermint enjoying shows the results after 4 weeks of using your excellent product, and believe me I have tried everything on the market, even stuff for humans from the chemist, and NOTHING WORKED until now, Thanks!!!

Kristen Smith Ehlers, pretty smith Designs™ FL
I wanted to share with all of you one of the most amazing products I have tried on the market today. Anyone who has a dog or cat with tear stain problems must know what I am talking about. I have tried just about everything and can attest that Angel Eyes really works! My Maltese has been using this for only 4 days now and the tear stains are going away! I have used so many products, I was very skeptical, but now I am amazed! And how about ease of use! All you do is put it in their food 1x day! Hey, anyone can keep up with that! Master Chandon Chim-Chim Waffle Tush is such a pick eater, but he loves this!

Bart &Barbara Peluso
I just wanted to say thank you from myself, my wife and our dog Trooper. Angel Eyes cleared up Troopers problem in under a month. We found an old picture of Trooper with tear stains before we started treatment and we also enclosed a recent picture of his beautiful new face. What can we say, other than it works better than we ever expected. We wish you all the best and now we are starting treatment on our latest addition, a little New Orleans poodle named Sugar that we adopted thanks to Hurricane Katrina. Thank you so much!

Lenore Petry
Under much protest, I started my Bichon Sammy on Angel Eyes on August 27th. Pam with Canine Designs was so adamant that I at least give Angel Eyes a try that she gave me my first bottle at no charge. When I began using Angel Eyes, Sammy was discolored from licking so much on his back, paws even around his mouth was a dark brown. It has been almost three months and Sammy is completely white. Any new hair that has grown is completely snow white. Even though I was hesitant at the beginning I do believe Angel Eyes made Sammy look like the fluffy little Bichon he used to be!

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